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As a Native - Lebanese Queen, I, Aiz’sha Hanna created ‘Yoni And Beyond’ on my personal journey of empowerment. Through spiritual awakening, I discovered the needs of these holistic products and services. Each product is handmade, natural, and organic; studies have proven that polyphenol which is a medicinal component found in herbs combats numerous diseases. These services and products offered are for the awakening, strengthening and EMPOWERING of your mind, body, and spirit. Allow my company to set the vibe of healing, manifestation, and overall wellness.

 Aiz'sha's Story

Queen Aiz'sha Hanna, is the founder and CEO of 'Yoni And Beyond'. She is dedicated and committed to empowering fellow Queens and Kings through self-love, self-awareness, and self-care. Aiz'sha has acquired certifications in yoni steam, yoni eggs, reiki, crystals, women empowerment, and tantra. Motivated to provide empowerment as well as clarity to the intricacies of growing through life and radiating positive vibes; Aiz'sha’s uplifting spirit and passion are felt within by everyone she meets. As a mother of three beautiful children, she understands the value and importance of loving one’s self inside and out in order to reciprocate an even greater love in the world. 

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