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"Create Your " Vibe Box

Pick 3 or more vibe setting products from the list provided. 
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Glambitious: Guide to Self-Love, Confidence, & Happiness

Co Written by Aiz'sha Hanna
Featured Products

"It's The Glow" Vibe Box

To "Glow" as bright on the outside as you do on the inside use these products offered: -Yoni & Beyond Soap (1) Your choice of...
Featured Products

"Queen" Vibe Box

Empower and awaken  your inner Queen with these products: -Yoni & Beyond Soap (1) Your choice of yoni and beyond soap.  -Yoni & Beyond...
Featured Products

"Crystal Clear" Vibe Box

Create a crystal set by picking 3 or more crystals. -2 Chakra Sage (1 plus the one include with each box) -Palo (3 sticks)...
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"Yoni" Vibe Box

This Box comes with an abundance of Yoni Products: -Yoni Pearls -Yoni Egg (s, m, or large) -Yoni Wand -Peppermint Flower Soap Peppermint essential...
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"Health & Wealth" Vibe Box

Affirm your "Health and Wealth" with each empowerment product: -Health and Wealth Soap HEMP essential oil, eucalyptus flowers, aloe vera, glycerin, dried sour sop leaves.  -Yoni...
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"Chakra-Khan" Vibe Box

Use the box to set your vibe of manifestation for your goals, of affirmations, and intentions. Each chakra box comes with: -Certified Crystal (1)...
Featured Products

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