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October 06, 2020

Yoni Health

Too many times, I've witness with our young queens the lack of knowledge to execute feminine hygiene.  I can even admit that I did not grow up with the sit-down talks about which products to use and why. But this is where breaking generational cures and habits come in! As we grow into the beautiful Queens that we are; we must reach forward to empower the youth.

Why is Yoni Health so important you ask?

While there are many products created for women; not all products are best for us women! Let alone effective or good for Yoni health. Chemicals of concern that are commonly used in feminine care products include carcinogens, reproductive toxins, endocrine disruptors, and allergens. Vaginal tissue is much more absorptive than other skin, which makes the presence of hormone-disrupting chemicals in feminine care products especially concerning. Toxic ingredients found in tampons today include aluminum, alcohols, fragrance additives and hydrocarbons. Worst of all; tampon bleaching processes leave behind traces of dioxin causing endometriosis. 

As if those reasons are not enough; many of the feminine products enhance risk of contracting ailments. Such ailments like endometriosis, PCOS (poly cystic ovary syndrome), infertility, cancer, UTI (urinary tract infection), yeast infections and the list goes on! Your integumentary system (skin) has pores and whatever you put on or in your body is absorbed into your bloodstream. This is the main reason healthcare professionals strictly urges against wearing lotions, deodorant, and body sprays. During pregnancy these products can pose a threat to your little bundle of joy. Yes, your unborn child is of the upmost importance but you are too! Consider your health even without the 'bun in the oven"!

Now that your aware of the main risks of using over the counter chemical-filled feminine products; allow me to provide you with 7 Tips (7 is the number of balance) for Yoni Healthcare!

Following these few tips daily or even weekly, will create balance and help maintain Yoni Health. You are a sacred flower and should care for your Yoni as such! And most importantly, you are a Queen and every product or person should respect your sacred temple!

Feel free to contact me with any specific questions or products that you may need customized to promote "Yoni Health"! I am here to empower your needs Queen.

Peace and love ALWAYS! 

Aiz'sha Hanna

Founder & CEO, Yoni And Beyond

P: (786)657-0766


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