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October 21, 2020

Adjust Your Crown

October 08, 2020

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October 06, 2020

Adjust Your Crown

As a Queen that experiences life just like each one of you... I remind myself during trying times that "my crown may slip but it will NEVER fall"! Yoni is a Sanskrit word for a woman's sacred space; your mind is a sacred space and we must empower it daily!

Empowerment Question: Have you ever been discouraged? If so, why? Did you ever get back to where you left off?

I know, I've been there Queen! But being discouraged is a form of fear. In the face of fear, you realize your insecurities. When my Instagram was recently disabled because of false reports; I honestly became discouraged. My fears of "what if this happens again, do I really have to start over, what if I've lost my community of Queens"... what if?! 

When you understand "your why" then being discouraged should be a moment of reflection and not a moment of misery or fear. "Your Why" is your driving force or reason for doing whatever it is that you do... whether it is your job, your relationship or your day to day activities. Some may say that their "why" is love, providing, financial stability or passion. But what I've come to learn is; if your driving force is surface and not deep rooted in your heart, then you will always become fearful in moments of discouragement. Keep your eye focused within, remember WHO YOU ARE QUEEN and hold faith into "your why"!

I heard a saying once and loved it... "pressure does not burst pipes over here"! YASSSS QUEEN!! It does not matter what comes or goes; will that pressure burst your pipe?! Will you allow it to shut you down emotionally? I think not Queen, not with me in your corner!

Don't get me wrong, you will have trying times but it's what you do with them that counts. If this time, is 'the' time that has you feeling like your pipe may have 'burst', then focus on balancing your Root Chakra. The Root Chakra deals with being fearless and remaining grounded; take a moment to cleanse your energy using the "Chakra Sage" and reset your intentions. Release all of your doubts and fears while affirming WHO YOU ARE!

I am grounded.

I am fearless.

I am unstoppable.

I adjust my crown in strength.

I soak up positivity and reject negativity.

I cleanse my energy of anything that tries to weigh me down.

I remember who I am with love in mind.

I am a Queen and will wear my crown boldly.


Soak up self-love and do so mentally with a gentle touch... be gentle with yourself Queens! You try, you fail and you try again! You love, you experience heartbreak but love AGAIN! You got this, we got this and remember:

"pressure does not burst pipes over here... it makes diamonds"! Just add those diamonds to your crown Queen!

Please feel free to contact me for additional affirmations or a meditation to promote self-love and triumph! I am here to empower your needs!

Peace and Love Always,

Aiz'sha Hanna

Founder & CEO, Yoni And Beyond


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