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Wild-Crafted SeaMoss

The mighty Wild-Crafted Seamoss!

Lets start with the fact that it is one of nature's best super foods! Sea moss helps soothe and heal the digestive tract, and is jam-packed with potassium. Potassium helps us detoxify by drawing out heavy metal; the potassium chloride present in Irish Moss helps dissolve catarrhs which cause congestion or mucus as I call it.

SeaMoss also helps the body fight against everyday aging and inflammation, in what could be called "the anti's:"


- anti-aging



It's also used as a treatment to help prevent and relieve cold and flu-like symptoms. With the wild-crafted sea moss being a potent source of potassium chloride, this sea moss dissolves phlegm and soothes inflammation of the mucus membranes to prevent congestion. Helping to clear out the lungs of any phlegm that builds up with a common cold.

As if those reasons aren't enough, let me add on to that...

Its scientific name is Chondrus crispus; mixing this ‘grass of the sea‘ into your smoothie or digesting it raw can help boost your fertility. Because of it's rich source of fiber and nutrients like B vitamins, magnesium and potassium.

Irish Moss's iodine content helps to boost metabolism and increase energy. In addition, its ability to absorb moisture creates the feeling of fullness, that helps to decrease appetite. Yup, you guessed it; look no further for a weight-loss supplement, this natural and organic ‘grass of the sea’ will aid you on your weight-loss journey.

Sea Moss has 92 of the 110 minerals the body is made from; did I mention this product is a POWERHOUSE! Sea moss contains beta-carotene, vitamin B, vitamin C, and sulfur as well as minerals like magnesium, manganese, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc!!!

Excitingly, I make sea moss gel, soap and gummies for taste. It does not taste the best raw BUT with so many benefits who needs taste?!

The gel can be combined with your oatmeal, yogurt, smoothie, porridge, grits or as is. Just add 2 tablespoons of the gel to your meal (or as is) to receive your daily boost of vitamins, minerals, immune boost and weight loss supplement. And to to top it off, the soap can be used to minimize pores, tighten the skin, lighten dark spots, and reduce inflammation caused by acne. Say it with me, POWERHOUSE!

Feel free to order your supply of the wild-crafted or purple sea moss gel, gummies and soap in the "shop" tab. 

"Don't wait for sickness to find wellness"!!

Peace and Love Always, Aiz'sha Hanna Founder & CEO, Yoni And Beyond


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