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December 10, 2020

Sweet Dreams

November 29, 2020

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November 25, 2020

Sweet Dreams

The first thing I think before bed is "now I lay me down to sleep"...

Now that the tasks are completed, the children are tucked away and the house is calm... now "I lay me down to sleep"...Now is the time to reflect on the lessons that can be found in the activities of the passing day. Reflecting on conversations passed. Reflecting on opportunities that could have been maximized. Reflecting on moments that are now memories.

Reflect in appreciation, and with a willingness to learn from each day... "now I lay me down to sleep".

So as you drift off to sleep; mentally empower yourself to reflect.

In reflecting; do so with love and gentleness.

I heard such truth in the words of Tony Robbins:

"If you ask a person what they want most in life, the majority would say money. But even the financially wealthy battle depression, stress, and anxiety. What people really search for is progression".

As long as you are living a life in which you're evolving, creating loving memories, leveling up, and your improving with daily routines... then you're progressing while simultaneously obtaining what you want out of life.

How can you not excel in all these areas and not gain financial liberation while your at it?

Knowing that reached goals are not accomplished overnight but by the actions of reflecting on your day and progressing forward in the following one!

Affirm your progress through reflecting and manifest tomorrow's growth.

"I have taken a step closer to my goals today...

I will make greater steps tomorrow...

I am leaving footsteps with purpose...

I am the head and never the tail...

I am above and not beneath...

Anything that I put my hands to will prosper...

I have favor with my Creator therefore I have favor with creation...

I gain wisdom from the past...

I am protected and shielded in any situation I may face...

I project love and positivity in any room...

The life I envision for myself is aligned with my passion...

I will have all the desires of my heart...

I am a Queen/King..."!

Inhale belief... (1..2..3..)

Exhale any doubts... (1....2..3..)

Repeat this until each line is unshakeable within you.

See your words as done, and picture what they would look like in fruition. See yourself signing contracts that are IN YOUR FAVOR, see yourself as the HEAD, see the desires of your heart MANIFESTED, and most importantly see yourself as a QUEEN/KING!

"Sweet Dreams", peace and love ALWAYS!

Queen Aiz'sha Hanna


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