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December 10, 2020

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November 25, 2020

What Are Holiday Expectations?

The seasons are upon us and the expectations are high Queens and Kings!

Whether your partner is expecting a particular gift you can't seem to find, the family will be in town expecting to know the latest on your love life, you're missing a loved one, sparks of past traumas, or experiencing financial pressures to decorate, feed and provide!

This is where we feel the weight of the world right?!

Family may say who you should be, friends may say what you should do, and YOU just want to be your best self.

Who says that you are not being your best self during this holiday season?!

Maybe you're anticipating the third degree or feeling the weight of memories that spark traumatic events. Dig into that uncomfortable feeling with self-love and gentleness... Why am I uncomfortable? Whatever the expectations of others may be... remember to live by no one's expectations but your own!

As long as you are on a journey that is progressive, loving, and learning... then you are aligned with your purpose Queens and Kings!

Life is a journey and not a destination. As you experience the weight of the holidays take a deep breath of gratitude for those that are still here to celebrate with you, a family that cares enough to ask how you're doing, and a relationship where you can give gifts. In all things find the silver lining and allow it to ground you in joy.

And for those that are in the process of healing... I want to empower you to know that you are not your past! What you have gone through is what you have grown through. Don't allow the festivities with family or loved ones to pull you back into the past. Stand firm on where you are now, the growth you have gained, and how far you have come.

The holidays can be bittersweet for many reasons but you are not trapped in those memories you are empowered through them.

So before the house becomes full of laughter, empty plates, or little ones.... walk through your home affirming WHO YOU ARE!

I am living up to my own expectation

I am filled with self-love

I have grown through what I've gone through

I remain joyful in uncomfortable situations

I change the atmosphere of any room that I am in

I am freely and proudly myself

I am a Queen/King and hold my crown

My past does not define me

My future is bright


Once you have affirmed yourself... BELIEVE IT and don't move from it. If you have to read that affirmation until a smile pops up on your lips then do that!

I am proud of your journey and strength, you should be too!

Please feel free to contact me if you need a holiday support system (: that's ME:). I will gladly be a light on your path during this time. I am truly here to power your needs!

Peace and love ALWAYS,

Queen Aiz'sha Hanna


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