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October 19, 2020

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What is Manifestation?

What is Manifestation?

We are all born to be our true selves and to live our best life! But we will ONLY live the life we envision for ourselves. A motto I live by is to "LIVE FULL and DIE EMPTY"! If you can agree with that statement, then you can agree that living outside of that can be compared to theft because you would be robbing YOUR life of its true potential. 

Have you ever had a moment when you said to yourself "I just knew that was going to happen"? Most commonly, the credit goes to intuition or 'just my luck'. But 'just my luck' is an example of manifestation. Manifestation is being intentional with your thoughts, having a strong belief that brings those very thoughts to pass! 

"Bringing a thought to pass with strong belief", hmmm, let me explain by sharing a brief story...

I watched a powerful movie recently called "The Secret", I highly recommend you watch the movie or even read the book. One of the professors in this movie mentioned a student he mentored and the lessons he imparted into him. This student sent the professor a letter stating how horrible his life was; from catching the bus to work, to his coworkers, and even his personal life. He assured the professor that the cause of his "horrible life" was due to his sexual preference. Every word was how his day started and ended with horrible mistreatment because of this. The professor asked the student to re-read the letter and notice the focus of the letter was all geared to what he expected every day. The moment the student stopped expecting to be mistreated and began to embrace his sexual preference, his life changed!

The moral of the story is; the moment you become aware of your thoughts then you can control its direction Allowing you to manifest the life YOU want!

The way you see life, is the way life will treat you! I personally wake up every day and affirm my feelings of gratitude; I intentionally try to affirm a new reason to be grateful daily, and naming nothing materialistic. The more positive vibes you put out into the universe the more positivity you will notice come your way. Now I love having blessing come my way but the best part about manifestation is the process of training your mind. There is so much peace that comes with affirming your thoughts in positivity and belief. In the process of training your mind, you ground yourself in your beliefs and become unshakable when negativity comes your way! If you consistently affirm "I am smart, beautiful and successful" for example; then when life tries to make you feel less than beautiful, smart or successful... you will not be moved! You will stand firm in who you are because you are grounded, and strong in mind.

So today, I empower you to write out affirmations for your career, family, and self! As the saying goes "write the vision and make it plain"! The word 'spell-ing' comes from the root word 'spell-ing'; as you write, you are manifesting what's on paper. So MANIFEST Queens and Kings!

Please feel free to contact me for personalized affirmations. I am here to empower your needs!

Peace and Love Always,

Aiz'sha Hanna

Founder & CEO, Yoni And Beyond


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