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Beyond A Moment of Meditation

Let me provoke a thought in asking you an empowerment question:

What is a challenge you are shortly living through right now?

I ask because I care AND because if we recognize our road blocks then we can kick them to the curb okaaaaay!

In the spirit of trust and vulnerability Queens and Kings; my 'short life span' of a challenge is juggling... sometimes I feel like an octopus with 8 arms BUT my arms are strong and I am a Queen that can take on the world! And so are you!!

Adjusting how we see what we are facing and affirming who we are allows us to stay grounded. Planting ourselves in strength will ensure that we don't blow away in the wind at times of a storm. You are a beautiful and precious flower but you're also a rooted and blooming one. Remember to affirm yourself and water your thoughts with self-love!

In the spirit of finishing this week flexing our muscles and slaying the day fiercely; allow me to give you a short meditation and affirmation. As you read them, envision your crown being adjusted and your challenge shrinking! 

​Meditation: close your eyes relax your forehead release tension in your shoulders feel the ground beneath your toes envision your inner Queen or King putting on their crown now take a deep breath (inhale self-love 1..2..3) exhale your doubts (1..2..3..) inhale strength (1..2..3)  exhale negativity (1..2..3) Affirmation: I am grounded in strength I am a loving light to all that I meet I set the atmosphere in any room I am of positivity and negativity does not dwell here I am an overcomer of challenges

I am a Queen or King and wear my crown proudly


​As you have practiced your quick meditation and grounded yourself in the affirmation... believe it, walk in it and be empowered!

I love you, those around you loves you, and I pray that you love yourself even more!!


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