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Solar Plexus Chakra

September 30, 2020

Sacral Chakra

September 29, 2020

The Purpose of Chakra Balancing

What is the purpose of chakra balancing?

When you take a step back to look at life or even yourself... do you feel that you are being intentional in your emotions and thoughts, to live it to your best ability?

That is the true purpose of balancing your chakras; intentionally manifesting a life you desire with purpose. For myself; I remember going through life responding to it and not creating a life I desired. Many can agree that this is the typical mindset; work, family, love and safety. As long as many are completing their daily checklist then they can say "today was a good day". But you don't want good right?... you want GREAT! You only get one life to live, this is no dress rehearsal! 

With the 7 chakras, for me it is not about your religion! It is strictly about structure and tools to create a balanced and intentional mindset. If everything that happens TO YOU is a surprise then you're going through life instead of living it. Imagine how great it would be to say to yourself everyday "I will receive a promotion on my job by the end of the year" and it actually comes to past! Speaking your goals daily sets your intentions and mindset to reach those goals... can you say affirmations! "Write your life vision and goals, make them plain Queens and Kings"!

Each chakra deals with a different aspect of your mindset:

1. Root Chakra = Fears, Anxiety, Morals, Beliefs

2.Sacral Chakra = Sexuality, Emotions, Creativity

3.Solar Plexus = Confidence, Mental Strength and Power

4.Heart Chakra = Desires, Passions, Love

5.Throat Chakra = Communication, Trust

6.Third Eye Chakra = Intuition, Awareness

7.Crown Chakra = Wisdom, Clarity, Enlightenment 

What a powerhouse of tools! If you can categorize your emotions and reactions then it truly strengthens your ability to control your reactions and mindset. If a person is fearful of being in a relationship then it requires balance to the root chakra. In search of releasing fears, one may uncover the underlying cause was due to the current relationship with family. With that being uncovered, it opens up the chakra and creates mental balance. Now that very person is open to love and intentional in receiving it. And the same applies to each chakra! Chakras are your energy source, the core to your vibe and manifestations!

Let me provoke balance with an empowerment question for each chakra. As you answer each question; go as deep as you can in your soul search to answer them:

1. Root Chakra:  If you have ever experienced fear or anxiety; what was happening to provoke that emotion? Is there a possibility that the situation can happen again provoking the same emotion? 2. Sacral Chakra: If you or are not in a relationship; why or why not? Are you receiving everything you desire from your relationship? If you are single what is holding you back from taking that step of partnership? 3. Solar Plexus Chakra: If there is any area that you lack confidence in personally, what is it and why? 4. Heart Chakra: What is your dream career path? Are you walking in your passion? If so, why or why not? 5. Throat Chakra: In communication; would you say you are strong in this area? Has there ever been a time you wish you said what you desired and did not? Why or why not? 6. Third Eye Chakra: Have you ever felt that something was going to happen before it did? What was the situation? What did you sense at in the moment? 7. Crown Chakra: What is the greatest piece of advice that you have received thus far? What made it life changing advice? What insight did it provide you? Take a good look at your answers and BE EMPOWERED by your truth and vulnerability Queens and Kings!

See the areas that you may want to balance based off of your responses. If any of your answers provoked a feeling of anger, sadness, resentment or self-doubt... then that numbered question requires your focus. Please feel free to contact me with your answers. I'd love to empower you with additional tips and feedback! I am proud of your seeking and empowerment journey! Yes, Queens and Kings, look at you growing! Peace and Love Always,

Aiz'sha Hanna

Founder & CEO, Yoni And Beyond


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